Ready-to-use Quality and compliance solutions are now essential tools for regulated industries

Dot Compliance continues to offer 45-days of free access to its Quality and Compliance Suite to ensure business continuity for the remainder of 2020.

As the world continues to digest humanity’s new reality as imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses worldwide are rushing to make necessary adjustments to their business operations.

A lot has changed in the past 3 months. The understanding that businesses have no choice during the Covid-19 era but to embrace technology has led to significant acceleration in digital transformation and rapid adoption of technology not just as an enabler but as a vital life line for business continuity. The importance has become even more pronounced as first responders, government agencies, and companies turned to software and other technological toolsets to respond quickly to the outbreak.

In the life science industry, many companies saw the benefit of leveraging software technology to accelerate digitization, mitigate risk but more importantly – enable business continuity while supporting their employees and teams with the proper infrastructure to enable work-from-home environments.

Over the past 3 months, we supported many new customers that took advantage of the Covid-19 free access to the Dot Compliance Suite of off-the-shelf ready to use software solutions. Customers were able to continue with remote training activities, audit execution, management of their suppliers related activities and other quality events.

Given the success of the free access promotion and to address ongoing interest, Dot Compliance is extending this offer. Each new client seeking to leverage the Dot Compliance Suite Express Package will receive, 45 days of free access with no commitment required. Details of the offer include the following:

  • FREE subscription for 45 days to the Dot Compliance out-of-the-box core QMS, Document Management, Training Management, Audit Management and Supplier Quality Management solutions;
  • Use any or all of the quality and compliance tools available out-of-the-box, including a complete validation package.
  • Free access to remote online training sessions.
  • No setup required, go live in a matter of days.

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Once the free subscription is completed, companies can opt to either continue using the solutions on a monthly subscription fee base or opt out, no questions asked. If you choose to discontinue usage of the system, Dot Compliance will provide you with an export file of any data or documents you’ve loaded into the system.

For customers that have already implemented Dot Compliance prior to the onset of Covid-19, leveraging the software to stay on track with business objectives was a no brainer. Customers enjoyed a seamless transition. A pure cloud based eQMS solution, Dot Compliance provided the same benefits while working from home. Ultimately, Dot Compliance customers saw little to no negative impact as a result of the outbreak and were able to increase system usage across the board.

Recently, a CEO of one of Dot Compliance’s customers testified:

Implementing Dot Compliance Quality and Compliance suite was the best decision I made this past year. Having the system in place helped our company perform above and beyond and meet our KPI goals during these challenging and unusual times. We were actually able to submit our FDA documentation on-time with no interruption to our business plans and schedules even when most of our team was quarantined at home”.

We’re committed to support the life sciences community with the essential technology solutions required under any circumstances.

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