Dottie AI

Your eQMS AI Assistant

Meet Dottie AI

Dottie AI was developed by AI and Life Science experts who have come together to meet the unique needs of your business.

Dottie automatically scans vast amounts of text and diverse data, identifies correlations, and provides ongoing, up-to-date AI insights. 

Dottie AI is constantly retraining itself, learning, and adapting through your organization’s specific data.

How it Works

Dottie AI is based on an AI data pipeline, built specifically to support use cases within Life Sciences. The AI data pipeline serves numerous amounts of our unique Dottie AI Brain Units, which leverages Predictive AI and Generative AI capabilities, providing tailor-made accurate Call to Action. To save you time, Dottie includes a Similarity AI Engine while structuring your data automatically using semantic clustering. This allows the extraction of the most relevant information from eQMS processes and Documents.


Dottie AI isn’t just an eQMS AI Assistant. Explore how Dottie AI can be your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence and driving success in the Life Science industry.

  • Empowers your team to work more efficiently
  • Saves time and money as it runs the insights in seconds, saving them hours of document review and search for relevant information
  • Effectively reduces the necessity for manual work
  • Accelerate product development cycle
  • Increases regulatory compliance and improves production

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