Enable Faster, Safer Innovation with an AI-Powered eQMS for Pharma

Data Management and Integrity

Recalls within the medical device industry pose significant challenges. They result in financial and reputational threats and serious risks to There is an immense amount of data flowing into pharmaceutical organizations from various sources. Managing this data effectively is critical for ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The Pressing Need to Digitize

Cloud-based, end-to-end quality management throughout the product value chain is no longer a nice to have – it’s a necessity to increase the speed to market, meet regulatory requirements, and protect both companies and patient safety while meeting increasingly complex regulatory demands.

Effective Documentation and Record-Keeping

Accurate documentation and record-keeping procedures are critical for ensuring traceability and increasing visiibily into all processes and each step of the drug development process. Organizations that manage quality with manual or siloed systems lack the capability to meet these needs.

AI-Powered Quality Solution 

Dottie AI by Dot Compliance scans vast amounts of text across your organization to identify correlations and trends and to provide you with timely AI insights. This enables pharmaceutical organizations to make data-driven decisions that help accelerate the drug development cycle while meeting regulatory compliance.

A Digital Approach to Quality Management

Dot Compliance’s pre-configured, ready-to-use eQMS software streamlines complex processes by automating tasks that are prone to human error and enabling a proactive approach to quality management. This ensures quality in every step of the drug development process, so you can get your products to patients quickly and safely.

Document Management Solution

Dot Compliance’s document management system enables pharmaceutical organizations to effectively manage the entire life cycle of all documents. This solution controls access to each document to prevent unintended alterations and to protect data integrity. This means organizations can be confident that their data is of the utmost quality and only accessible to those who need it.

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