CAPA Management

CAPAs (corrective and preventive actions) are the early warning sign in your quality system that a problem has been identified.  It is the process organizations take for product improvements to eliminate non-conformities.  Dot Compliance automates CAPA processes to  safeguard your organization from regulatory risk, and include integration with other core quality processes such as audit, training, document management, change control, etc.

Identify and resolve issues

Non-conformities requiring CAPA can arise from various quality events during audits, regulatory Inspections, complaints, management review, etc.  A cloud-based CAPA process allows organizations to ensure appropriate corrective actions, both short term actions to address the immediate problem and long-term actions to prevent the recurrence of a problem, can be done anytime, anywhere.

Use Your CAPA system as a collaboration tool for your Quality Management system

A complete CAPA process should identify, evaluate, investigate and determine root cause analysis followed by implementation of the resolution then verification.  At Dot Compliance, our out of the box, ready to use solution allows organizations to take advantage of industry best practices and templates to quickly get up and running so they can gain insights into quality data and identify trends.

Root Cause Analysis to help identify issues proactively

With a closed loop approach to quality control, having all core processes connected and communicating with one another can help organizations identify issues early and make the necessary changes if needed.  Dot Compliance is a cloud based, out of the box, fully validated solution allowing you to quickly and cost effectively get your quality system up and running.

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