Complaint Management

Recognizing that customer complaints come from a wide range of communications channels, it’s important for organizations to keep track of all that information so they can properly capture, prioritize, monitor and analyze the data. Ready to use compliant handling ensures regulatory compliance, enhances product development, mitigates risk, and finds opportunities for growth and innovation by meeting specific customer requirements.

Centralized complaint intake process

The capability to view feedback real-time allows organizations to understand what is happening with your product and gives you the opportunity to quickly detect, pinpoint and act when needed as well as monitor developing trends.

Capture customer complaints and feedback

While a complaint management system could function on its own, an organization will benefit most when complaints are integrated into other core QMS processes.  This way, complaints can be tracked through to completion, and patterns can be identified between quality events.

Increase management oversight

Easily monitor and explore your compliant data, such as due dates, critical tasks, recurring failure modes, etc.

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