Document Management

Dot Compliance’s Document Management solution is built on industry best practices ensuring compliance with global regulations and standards.  This cloud-based integrated software solution allows life science manufacturers to manage the entire life cycle of documents and content.

Access to Documents

Wherever you are: Employees need to upload and download documents from anywhere at any time. Having a cloud based system, built on the platform gives users web-based access regardless of where they are located.

Easily Manage Your Documents

Allows your organization to create and view  documents, where its stored, which stage in the review process, what still needs to be added, and whether any additional actions are needed.  Having the ability to categorize, tag and rate will help you find the files you need as quickly as possible.

Seamless Integration with Office 365 and Google Docs

Simply integrates with Office365 and Google Docs for easy check-out/check-in and parallel collaboration between document owner, authors, and reviewers.

Adaptable Workflows for Review and Approval

Getting documents reviewed and approved by the assigned people within the organization shouldn’t be a painful process.  The ability to modify workflows within the document management system simplifies the process and speeds it up.

Total Revision Control

As uploaded documents are always in flux, its critical to identify which document is the most current.  A comprehensive document management system saves every version of a document when it’s uploaded, allowing you to go back in its history, before crucial changes were made, and save what might otherwise become a useless document.

Part 11 Compliant Electronic Signature

In order stay Part 11 compliant, eQMS needs to positively identify who is signing company documents to prevent falsification.  The process needs to provide a time-stamped archive of all signatures, prevent electronic signatures from being modified, duplicated, transferred or removed and utilizes signature comments.

Control User Access and Privileges

It can be difficult to manage quality teams, especially if they are in different geolocations across the company.  A document management system allows administrators to set specific permissions for every employee, helping to keep control and protect important documents from being altered.

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