Training Management

Dot Compliance’s Training Management Solutions allows you to manage end-to-end employee training from record management, course distribution and completion, and escalation. Organize training tasks, monitor status, improve employee efficiency, and enhance organizational accountability staying compliant.

Simplify regulatory compliance with integrated training management

By integrating your training management process within your QMS, it becomes part of your closed loop quality management system.

Easily manage employee training

Track and document employees and subcontractors training tasks to ensure they perform their assigned functions in compliance with applicable guidelines  and regulations.  

Reduce risk and increase compliance

Automated management of employee training activities, scheduling, and tracking with an eQMS provides organizations with a stronger, better-trained, and more productive workforce. 

Flexible curriculum management

Supports internal and external certification, automated training creation by job title, and curriculum management for employees and partners that provides tracking, escalation, and measurement of training effectiveness.

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