Supporting Business Continuity for Life Science companies during the Coronavirus outbreak

As the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) continues to impact the business community worldwide, many companies have been forced to change the way they conduct their day to day business. Moving towards remote and virtual means as a way to address travel bans and other virus related concerns has increased dramatically making the use of various electronic solutions key to business continuity.

Dot Compliance continues to be committed to the success of our clients during these challenging times, especially by supporting life science companies. Our core values are centered around making sure our customers stay connected, productive and audit-ready anywhere, anytime and whatever the circumstances may be.

In countries where travel and gathering bans are in place our customers have increased engagement with the Dot Compliance remote collaboration tools for quality and compliance. The Dot Compliance quality and compliance tools enable life science companies keep their product quality high without letting any global restrictions affect their production or slow down their business activities. These solutions ensure that globally distributed teams can continue to sign documents electronically, get trained and maintain quality and compliance without interruptions.

Life Science companies

To further support our life science community, and effective immediately, Dot Compliance is offering free access to our advanced quality and compliance solutions. New clients who are interested in leveraging remote collaboration tools with the Dot Compliance off-the-shelf ready suite are welcome to take advantage of this unique offer until August 2020 . This offer includes the following:

  • FREE subscription for 90 days to the Dot Compliance out-of-the-box core QMS, Document Management and Training Management solutions;
  • Use any or all of the quality and compliance tools available out-of-the-box, including the validation package documentation.
  • No setup required, go live in a matter of days.

Click here to learn more about our Corona and Compliance offer package.

Once the free subscription is completed, companies can opt to either continue using the solutions on a monthly subscription fee base or opt out, no questions asked. If you choose to discontinue usage of the system, we will provide you with an export file of any data or documents you’ve loaded into the system.

We’re committed to supporting our life sciences community during these challenging times, and to promote business continuity and remote collaboration as essential keys to continued success without compromising product quality.

Click here for further information about our Corona and Compliance offer package.

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