Quality Events

Quality Events occur when there are issues with product, component, or ingredient quality in the manufacturing lifecycle. A quality event can adversely affect an organization in several ways, including decreased cycle time, poor brand image, and loss of business. Dot Compliance offers a cloud-based, fully validated, digital QMS that provides analysis, solutions, tracking  and prevention of quality events. 

Demonstrate consistency and control

Easily document all events and processes to determine the level of priority to assess, triage and escalate when necessary.

Streamline processing through Integration

When quality events are integrated with other quality records such as CAPA, deviations, nonconformances, and complaints, you can reduce errors and subsequent corrections, and improve quality event traceability.

Ensure compliance with GxP regulatory requirements

Having event management seamlessly integrated with other core quality processes helps your organization remain compliant.

End-to-end view of quality events

Improve visibility into your organizations health of quality through reporting and trending.

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