A QMS Paradigm Shift

Connect to the cloud with confidence with Dot Compliance technology

Experience the power of a ready-to-use AI in eQMS with Dottie AI Xpress

Dottie AI Xpress seamlessly integrates AI-driven quality management data into existing processes. The AI platform constantly learns – enhancing its performance over time and providing increasingly accurate insights and predictions.

Leverage the Power of salesforce.com

Dot Compliance eQMS solutions are built on the salesforce.com platform and deliver 100% native Salesforce compliance. Salesforce supports more than 100,000 organizations and 220,000 deployed apps providing unmatched flexibility, consistent user experience, operational efficiency, data integrity and security, and scalability.

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Driving your business with reporting & analytics

Easily measure, analyze, and report on business and regulatory requirements with our pre-configured or customized reports. Role-based reports deliver the ability to present meaningful representation layers of data.

Intelligently present reports on data and metrics to glean insights critical for your business.

Eliminate barriers with open API

Seamlessly consolidate your cloud QMS system with other processes and solutions. Manage all manufacturing with one solution, eliminating silos and providing greater insights and enhanced capabilities.

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